Litha – Summer Solstice

Today is the 21st of June, this is the longest day of the year! It's called "solstice" for the common human. We witches, call it "Litha". This is a day and night of celebration. It's the first day of summer and it's a very good reason to celebrate! Since Antiquity, Litha is the fire festival.… Lire la suite Litha – Summer Solstice


Carrer Tarot Spread

Card ONE: Is present career path is really desired ? Card TWO: Actions that can be taken to improve career. Card THREE: Aspects of your career that cannot be changed. Card FOUR: Present view of current career performance. Card FIVE: Personal changes to boost your career performance. Card SIX: Past issues which affect the present… Lire la suite Carrer Tarot Spread